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Winner of best video of 2010 on Vimeo. Mind seeing this on prolly is not probably a few months back and its as powerful now as it was then.

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Anonymous asked: Should Scotland be an independent country?



Ah, now that is a better question, dear anonymous.

There are no countries that, having gained independence from their colonial masters or neighbours, ended up regretting it later on down the line. This is a chance for us to actually be a country and not, in the eyes of the EU, simply a region, that we are now.

There are many benefits to independence. Why shouldn’t we be allowed to make our own decisions? At least this time we’ll be able to get the government that we vote for. Oh, and for anyone who says “I don’t like Alex Salmond so that’s why I’m voting no.” There will be elections! You can vote for whoever you want! And there will be more chance of having independent candidates and smaller parties being represented.

I’ll be voting YES for a better future for this country, for a fairer, democratic political system, to protect the NHS (which the Westminster system are privatising piece-by-piece in England), and to get rid of nuclear weapons from our shores and not have our armed forces dragged into and killed in immoral invasions.

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